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L is for Lamp

Lamps – from hanging pendant lights to, desk lamps, floor lamps, and sconces – these international lampmakers pride themselves in creating beautiful handmade lighting fixtures using different materials.

I personally like lamps made from recycled found stuff like the tree log desk light or the vintage camera-turn-lamp featured here or the upcycled table light which is made out of a discarded coffee can. Lamps with modern, industrial vibe are also a favorite – they are wonderful side-by-side with vintage collectibles. And then there are the origami and paper mache lampshades that add whimsy to any room. Here are just a few that caught my eye:

origami lightweight lampshade rectangular hanging cast concrete lamp lasercut wood  hanging light paper mache  hanging light orange Origami paper lampshade rope lighting with Edison Squirrel Cage bulb eco-friendly wooden hanging light bamboo and wood ceiling lampindustrial style wall sconce birchwood floor lamp walnut  tripod slim floor lamp wooden desk reading light mint green cage table lightvintage Holiday Flash camera desk lighthandmade wooden desk light yellow wooden portable table light upcycled table light with Edison bulb
origami lightweight lampshade: blaanc {Lisbon, Portugal}
cast concrete rectangular hanging light: GANTlights {Berlin, Germany}
lasercut wood lamp: IUMI Design {Berlin, Germany}
paper mache lamp: CreaReDesign {Valencia, Spain}
orange Origami Paper lampshade: Danielle Origami Lamps {Arnhem, The Netherlands}
bespoke rope lighting with Edison Squirrel cage bulb: UniquesCo {United Kingdom}
eco-friendly plywood lighting: JVK Woodwork {Ogre, Latvia}
industrial style wall sconce: New Wine Old Bottles {Columbus, Ohio}
bamboo and wood ceiling lamp: Light with Shade {Hong Kong}
birchwood floor lamp: The Nude Design {Vigo, Spain}
walnut tripod slim floor lamp: natural grain {Cape Fear, North Carolina}
wooden desk reading light: Paladim {Bulgaria}
mint green cage table light: IndLights {San Francisco, California}
vintage Brownie Holiday Flash camera lighting: Light and Time Art {Minneapolis, Minnesota}
recycled log desk light: irmapudor {Madrid, Spain}
yellow wooden portable desk light: HURLU Design {Bordeaux, France}
upcycled coffee can table light with Edison bulb: it’s a Lamp {Durham, North Carolina}

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