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Workspace: GANT Lights

Come and take a virtual tour inside the stunning GANT Lights studio in Berlin, Germany. This modern, minimalist studio is a showroom and open office in one, complete with a kitchen, bathroom, and storage. I love how neat and organized it looks, and that there’s plenty of natural light.  Those triangulated pendant lamps suspended across the white ceiling are the real eye-catchers to this industrial-inspired work space! Of course, that bicycle make the perfect wall accent.

Stefan Gant is the founder and designer of this creative label that produce a collection of timeless, elegant lighting pieces made from concrete and gold. Early this year, we have featured GANT Lights in this interview. Photography by Joe Mania.

GANTlights workspace3

GANTlights workspace1

GANTlights workspace4

GANTlights workspace6

GANTlights workspace7

GANTlights workspace8

GANTlights workspace9

GANTlights workspace10

GANTlights workspace11

GANTlights workspace12

GANTlights workspace13

GANTlights workspace16

GANTlights workspace17

GANTlights workspace18

GANTlights workspace19

GANTlights workspace20


GANTlights workspace22

GANTlights workspace25

GANTlights workspace26

GANTlights workspace27

GANTlights workspace28

GANTlights workspace29


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