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Craftsmith Living – Simple, Honest, Down-to-Earth Design

Craftsmith Living is a local concept store in Salcedo Village, Makati, featuring a collection of homewares and artisanal objects that celebrate craftsmanship and slow living. Founded by Mia De Lara & Kitty Bunag, the store is also a venue for workshops or collaborations with other creatives and organizations that share their vision.

We’d like to think of Craftsmith as our playground – a space where we create freely – unbound by rules, where we share, collaborate and ultimately make a difference in the lives of those around us as well as organizations both environmental and humanitarian who are aligned with our philosophy.– Mia & Kitty

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I discovered Craftsmith Living through Instagram, and had been wanting to feature them on the blog for some time. I have not yet seen the store in person, but it is definitely one of things on my list of “things to do” when I go to Manila.  In the meantime, co-founder Kitty tells us a bit about what Craftsmith Living is all about.

What’s the story behind Craftsmith Living?

Craftsmith is a concept store born out of our love for simple, honest, down to earth approach to design, and that is reflected in everything we create and sell. We are inspired by “the everyday ordinary”. We thrive on bringing out the beauty of the most ordinary things. We hope to inspire others to see what we see.

What makes Craftsmith Living different from other concept stores?

We are partners backed by extremely good business mentors & we work with other freelance creatives in the industry. The products on our shelves each have a story to tell and most of them were slowly made by hand together with other well curated, artisanal and utility objects, furniture and art – that all help promote slow living.

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beautifulhandmadeblog Craftsmith Living objects

beautifulhandmadeblog Craftsmith Living twines

beautifulhandmadeblog Craftsmith Living desk

Do you offer interior design services? 

Yes, we offer interior design & styling services. Our preferences always change but we find ourselves gravitating towards designs influenced by the post war era – when people had to simplify their lives.

And what is your process in designing a client’s space?

There’s really nothing methodical about our process, we create as our hearts lead us. In spite our style, a space has to overall reflect our client’s vision and personality.

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beautifulhandmade Craftsmith Living wall art

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What is your message to customers and friends.

Trust what inspires you.

Where can we find you?

We are located at the same space:
2J Crown Tower
107 HV Dela Costa
Salcedo Village, Makati City
Facebook |  Instagram | Email

Thank you Craftsmith Living for being part of Beautiful Handmade!

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