Something that is handmade is always one-of-a-kind and special. The talent and energy poured out, the time it takes to produce something beautiful, the artist’s genuine love for their craft – these are what make each piece exceptional.

My name is Rachel, and this blog is my personal compilation of beautiful handmade discoveries.  For anyone who appreciates creations made by hand & made with love, I hope you find this blog worth stopping by!

What’s Here


I started this blog featuring wonderful creatives from all over the world but it is exciting to see a growing number of artisan brands emerging from the Philippines that are showcasing high quality, exceptional craftsmanship that we can be proud of.

Apart from being local and handmade, the focus now is on supporting small businesses who are proactively making a positive impact to their community and are striving to reduce their environmental footprint in every way possible – such as by using sustainable and ethically-produced raw materials;  minimizing wastage and managing waste responsibly; saying no to toxic chemicals; conserving energy, water and natural resources; supporting local growers; minimizing packaging and the use of plastic; upcycling materials; and doing business without inflicting harm to animals or people.

Yes, we now have a choice to buy local. And feel good about it too.


The main reason I’ve started this blog is to feature small businesses owned by artisans who are passionate about their craft.  I’ve thought about featuring the owners behind these remarkable shops in interviews as I’ve done in the past but I realize that it’s not always convenient for them.

When I try to reach out to owners of these handmade shops expressing my interest to have them featured in an interview, most of them would gladly say yes but I guess, the day-to-day challenges of maintaining a business and keeping up with personal responsibilities would sometimes get in the way.

So, to make things less complicated, I decided to do a segment that would feature one shop at a time – the crafts and the person behind them.   I already have a loooooong list of favorite shops bookmarked, so expect to see new shops as well as good, old-timers in the spotlight.


Because creatives’ spaces are always intriguing.


Despite my love for handmade, I’ll admit that I’m not a very crafty person.  However, I would love to try my hands on a couple of projects, particularly projects that involve upcycling, repurposing, reusing objects that would’ve been otherwise discarded.  Here are DIY projects that I think are easy enough for me to do and perhaps, some of you might be willing to try as well.  By finding other ways to make old things functional again, we can significantly prolong the life of an object and keep it away from the landfill for the longest time possible.


I am a big fan of vintage so apart from handmade, you should find a lot of old stuff here too.


A Little Bit Personal…

I once dreamt of becoming an astronaut, a dubber for anime tv shows, a novelist, a theater actress, a flowershop owner, a painter, a violinist, a dog-walker, a dolphin trainer, a pianist, a librarian, a photographer, a children’s storybook writer & illustrator, a coffee shop owner, and flying with Peter Pan. . .

I am the youngest in a family of 3 brothers and 1 sister. My mother had me when she was forty-seven.  I now live with my husband, four dogs and “a number” of plants in our humble apartment.

Two-digit numbers confuse me.

I swoon over chocolate, old books, polaroid photos, chocolate fudge, vintage fabric, blueberry cheese cake, pencil and watercolour illustrations, succulents, clay pots, tea, and coffee . . . *the list does not end here*

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