• Zero Basics PH refillable containers

    Small Business Big Impact – How 5 Local Brands Choose To Be Eco

    It is so refreshing and exciting to see local businesses playing a proactive role, not only with spreading awareness on the zero waste movement but also in setting a good example on reducing waste, and not creating more unnecessary waste, especially plastic.  On this post, we highlight five home grown small businesses who are making a big impact through their packaging choices. Ritual Ritual is a small general store and cacao & coffee joint that focuses on locally-sourced, eco-friendly, and organic products not wrapped in plastic. You can purchase a range of food & drinks, pantry essentials, bath & body products, and natural cleaning agents for the home – buy only…

  • HabinPh handmade bag

    8 Chic Sustainable Bag Makers from the Philippines

    I  have been wanting to feature local brands on this blog for quite a while but just haven’t had the chance to sit and complete a post until now. I’m starting off with a round-up of local bag makers that promote and support slow fashion. These homegrown labels create their products by hand, using sustainable materials such as recycled cloth, vegan leather, or natural and traditional fabrics. I’ve found eight Filipino bag makers and they are presented here in random order. When I find the need to buy a new bag, I will definitely not have second thoughts about buying from these makers. HABIN PH You can tell that Habin…