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rectangular trinket holder
Handmade Alphabet

P is for Pottery

Featured: Porcelain hand carved espresso set: ceramic nesting cloud plates: JDWolfe Pottery {Milwaukee, Wisconsin} ceramic coffee pour over: Box Sparrow {Houston, Texas} clay apple sculpture: Lilyceramic {Kalmar, Sweden} Porcelain white bowl: CONCEPTceramic {Bulgaria} porcelain clay nesting bowls: Fringe and Fettle {United States} handmade modern coffee mug: RachelAlwinHandmade {Wausau, Wisconsin} Ceramic fox bowl: noemarin {Valencia, Spain} …

Owl mask
Handmade Alphabet

O is for Owl

Featured: Spotted Owl original watercolor print: Amber Alexander {Middlesex, Vermont} oxidized silver ring: Elina Gleizer {Ramat Gan, Israel} antique bronze metal ring: Nicestreet2013 {Angers, France} endangered bird print silk scarf: A Wild Life {Victoria, Canada} balsa wood pyrography: Decor Asylum {Argos, Greece} Ceramic figurine: Decor Asylum {Argos, Greece} original watercolor painting print: Courtney Oquist {Huntington …

Wood House Necklace
Handmade Alphabet

N is for Necklace

Featured: gold whistle: junghwa {Vancouver, Washington} deer antlers: To The Cavern {Manchester, United Kingdom} concrete cube pendant: Maple and Mauve {United States} gold feather: Limon Bijoux {Grand Rapids, Michigan} necklace raw gemstone: Fresh from the Kiln {Singapore} Paris cityscape: laonato {South Korea} black onyx pendant: Ellies Button {South Korea} polymer clay necklace: depeapa {Spain} Rome …