In Search for the World’s First Zero Waste Solutions

So, we’ve heard of the world’s first zero waste bra, and very much rooting for TVGB’s continuous success (which btw, successfully raised AU$ 69,088 with 611 backers on Kickstarter).  But have you heard of the world’s first plastic free beauty brand, or the world’s first organic wound strips? Or parcel packaging that you can compost at home with all your food scraps? On this post, let’s take a look at three eco-focused brands offering practical, plastic free solutions in their respective niches. Their vision? Provide the world’s first zero waste products that work.


When Ethique launched in 2012, founder, Brianne West’s mission is to be part of the solution to help eradicate the world of plastic waste. With a background in biochemistry, she began making natural soaps for the face and body, along with hair care bars to replace conventional body wash,  shampoo and conditioner in plastic bottles – which FYI, around 80 billion are discarded around the globe each year.

Today, the NZ-based label has grown to become an award-winning international beauty brand distributed worldwide. Ethique’s beauty bars are made only from natural ingredients, palm oil free, and cruelty free (read: not tested on animals). Plus, their soap bars are said to be super concentrated so they last longer than other bars, and they come in compostable wraps. This year, Ethique is introducing a new line of household cleaning bars.

It is worth noting how selflessly passionate Ethique’s founder is with environmental conservation. In an interview for A Luxe Life, Brianne said, “Our primary goal is to pursue purpose over profit and be the brand that ‘puts a bar in every shower.’ I don’t mean necessarily one of our bars, but I want to inspire other companies to offer sustainable solutions.”

Ethique - World's First Zero Waste Beauty Brand

Patch Organic Strips

Here’s another Australian company bringing to the world the first organic, hypoallergenic wound strips. The idea to create Patch came to James Dutton, founder of Nutricare, after noticing that his son’s skin reacted badly to regular adhesive plasters. James then sought for a safer, natural wound care alternative and Patch was born.

The bandages are made from organic bamboo fibre and mineral based PSA adhesive, combined with activated charcoal, aloe vera, or coconut oil.  And in case you’re wondering, yes, the whole bandage is fully compostable so you can simply throw it in your garden.

It also comes in eco-friendly packaging – the outer cover of the bandage is biodegradable plastic and the tube is made from recycled cardboard.

Patch - World's First Zero Waste Organic Wound Strips

The Better Packaging.Co

Speaking of eco-friendly packaging, The Better Packaging.Co from Auckland, NZ offers retailers a more eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to plastic with their range of packaging solutions.

They have developed two types of solutions:

  • comPOST Packs which are primarily made from plants, feel and behave like plastic, yet will degrade without toxic residues, and are completely compostable at home with all your garden waste
  • Recyclable Packs made from limestone waste, which feel and behave like luxurious paper, yet waterproof.

Retailers have the option to use their Swop Packs – which are designed to be re-used a lot of times as customers simply return the packaging to be sent back to the seller for re-use.

The Better Packaging.Co is already used by a couple of like-minded eco-conscious brands like Cloth & Co, McIntyre Apparel, Rowie, and The Very Good Bra. And yes, if you are a business, you can request custom branded packaging in the size that best works for your products.

World's First Zero Waste Compostable Packaging

As The says, these world’s first zero waste solutions may not be perfect at the moment but there’s no question that they are much better alternatives to existing plastic options. And for sure, these brands are an inspiration to other local businesses that are striving to make a positive impact to the world.


Photos: Ethique, Patch, / Featured Pic: Patch

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