Handmade Alphabet

K is for Knot

This is my curation of beautiful handcrafted jewelry with the knot design.

Double knot ring Black Rope knot necklace mmustard rope knot bracelet

double knot ring in silver and rose gold: LeCubicule
{Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, Canada}
knotted earrings: wwwJewelry {Seoul, South Korea}
black rope knotted necklace: NasuKka {Bosnia and Herzegovina}
side double knot heart cuff: Jewel Park {Seoul, South Korea}
mustard yellow rope bracelet: NasuKka {Bosnia and Herzegovina}
knotted ball bracelet: Hanee Love {United States}
3 infinite knots sterling silver ring: Elhajoyeria {San José, Costa Rica}

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