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L is for Lamp

Lamps – from hanging pendant lights to, desk lamps, floor lamps, and sconces – these international lampmakers pride themselves in creating beautiful handmade lighting fixtures using different materials.

I personally like lamps made from recycled found stuff like the tree log desk light or the vintage camera-turn-lamp featured here or the upcycled table light which is made out of a discarded coffee can. Lamps with modern, industrial vibe are also a favorite – they are wonderful side-by-side with vintage collectibles. And then there are the origami and paper mache lampshades that add whimsy to any room. Here are just a few that caught my eye:

Origami Lamp concrete rectangular hanging light lasercut wood lamp paper mache lamp orange Origami Paper lampshade: Kilner Edison Nautical Sisal Rope Lamp industrial style wall sconce amboo and Wood pendant lamp tripod floor lampwooden desk reading light

origami lightweight lampshade: blaanc {Lisbon, Portugal}
cast concrete rectangular hanging light: GANTlights {Berlin, Germany}
lasercut wood lamp: IUMI Design {Berlin, Germany}
paper mache lamp: CreaReDesign {Valencia, Spain}
orange Origami Paper lampshade: Danielle Origami Lamps {Arnhem, The Netherlands}
bespoke rope lighting with Edison Squirrel cage bulb: UniquesCo {United Kingdom}
eco-friendly plywood lighting: JVK Woodwork {Ogre, Latvia}
industrial style wall sconce: New Wine Old Bottles {Columbus, Ohio}
bamboo and wood ceiling lamp: Light with Shade {Hong Kong}
birchwood floor lamp: The Nude Design {Vigo, Spain}
walnut tripod slim floor lamp: natural grain {Cape Fear, North Carolina}
wooden desk reading light: Paladim {Bulgaria}
mint green cage table light: IndLights {San Francisco, California}
vintage Brownie Holiday Flash camera lighting: Light and Time Art {Minneapolis, Minnesota}
recycled log desk light: irmapudor {Madrid, Spain}
yellow wooden portable desk light: HURLU Design {Bordeaux, France}
upcycled coffee can table light with Edison bulb: it’s a Lamp {Durham, North Carolina}

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