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Today, I would like to introduce you to Stefan Gant, founder and designer of  GANTlights, an independent brand of finely handcrafted lighting.

Gant earned his Master’s degree in Architecture in Berlin, where he founded his product design label in 2012. His elegant, minimalist, architectural inspired lighting fixtures adorn many restaurants, cafés and business establishments in Germany, and beyond.

GANT Lights


What’s the story behind the shop name?
The story behind my label name is quite simple, My last name is Gant. At the beginning my label was called “Gant lights and more”, now it is “Gantlights”, but I would have preferred “Gant” most, but the clothing company was faster….

What do you love most about what you do?
Being my own chief.

Is there anything you dislike about it?
I really get dissatisfied if people think it is easy to do what I do… beeing a self-employed worker is very hard job and most of the people don’t see the huge amount of different fields of work self-employed have to deal with. It is not just writing emails, or designing new products, you also have to do many economic things, customer contacts, and many more.

GANT Pendant light

What are your top 3 favorite picks from your shop?
I like the little useless bird, it has no function, it just looks nice.birch wood decoration kit

Furthermore I really like the C1 one light, because it has so many faces – you can mix and combine the materials as you like. In the future there will be even more materials and more options. Even the top part will be produced from other materials.


And the third favourite product is the K1 porcellain light, because it is just simple, minimalstic and when you put on the light it shines through.

GANT Lights Bird


Can you share with us the process of creating these items?
The process is always another, I am always thinking about new products. Often I start with new projects and skip it after a few weeks, others are lying weeks, month or years in my office and suddenly I got an idea and bring it to an end … or not.

What has been your biggest challenge so far and how did you overcome it?
For me the biggest challenge was or is the decision of what I really want to do. So I am an architect and I really like that job but I had to decide between my own label and the job as an architect! I try to fix that by doing small architecture projects additionally to my label – the last project was the renovation of my office.

GANT Lights

Where do you find inspiration?
Everywhere, there is no special place or special time! The ideas can come at any time.

What are cast concrete lamps and what makes them different from other lighting fixtures?
The difference to lamps is of course just the material, normally you use concrete for houses or bridges but not for furniture or lamps! I like the material, because it is cheap and you can make so many things out of it, even lamps. There are really many concrete lamps yet, but my ones have that special contrast “concrete and gold, copper or silver” which makes them unique.

Pendant lamp triangleGANTlights dark Pendant light rectangular

GANT Lights

What tips can you give on how to choose the right lighting fixture for a room?
I think there is no special tip for the choice of your lighting fixture, but I prefer not to shiny lamps for a comfortable room.

Your message to customers and friends.
During the prototype time I am using several different materials, wood, paper, styrofoam or any other material that allows me to make a fast model of the volume.

GANT Lights

Thank you so much, Stefan!

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Photography: Joe Mania

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