Shop Feature: Single Stone Studios

Our Shop of the Week is Single Stone Studios, a design company that specializes in vinyl wall decals. The shop has been featured in popular design magazines like Better Homes & Gardens.
What’s the inspiration behind your shop’s name?
The name of our shop comes from the David & Goliath story found in 1 Samual 17. David, a small, young boy and unlikely warrior, picked up 5 smooth stones from the river on his way to face Goliath, a giant known for being a great warrior. David stepped out in his faith, armed with only a sling shot, flung single stone and defeated his giant. Hence the name Single Stone Studios and our motto “Throw your stone”.

How old is your shop?

We started S3 in February of 2008 so just over 2 years ago.

What inspired you to start your own home business?

Billy, my husband, and I have always wanted to have our own business together. We’ve tried several times and for one reason or another it just didn’t work out as planned. Then, we tried Single Stone and it just works! I’m the creative gal behind all of the designs in our shop and he’s the business guy who keeps me in line, I mean, keeps the business running smoothly 😉

Can you give us a peek on the creative process involved in your craft?

Creative process…I always find that hard to explain. Honestly, it’s just a personal, prayerful time when I create anything and the designs for our shop are no different. It’s really a time when I get quiet and God speaks and my art expresses those moments of clarity.

What was the toughest challenge you faced so far?

Without a doubt the life/work balance. I’ve always been a stay at home mom doing design and other things in my spare time. Now that I work full-time, albeit from home, I have really been challanged to balance the work load with being a wife, mom, homemaker.

As I sit here typing these answers I have a boy laying beside me on the couch playing video games, a girl who just woke up so I am anticipating questions about breakfast, a few dishes in the sink and unmade beds. Maybe one day I’ll have it all together – a clean house, kids perfectly tended to and my work to-do list accomplished – but somehow I think maybe it’s all perfectly imperfect just as it is.

How did you get over it?

I didn’t. I just accepted it for what it is….Life. Irregular. Unscripted. Blessed.

Please Name:
the things you do when you’re not busy in your shop

It’s summer – we ride a lot of roller coasters, swim and make homemade salsa from the tomatoes and peppers we grow.

stuff inside your bag you can’t leave home without  
Sunglasses. Blackberry. Lip Gloss.

your favorite shops-
Well, there are MANY that I have {hearted} but two that come to mind are BirdFromAWire and 2 if by Sea . I check their blogs daily!

your top 3 favorite picks from your shop

Fly was the first digital collage I created and from there many more have come. I used to do a lot of paper crafts and always made collages – when I had the realization I could blend my collage art with my digital art it was very satisfying! For once the artist and the geek in me were in harmony 😉
Marvelous Nature because I love all things owls and woodland right now.
The Journey because I love what it says.
What tips would you want to share for aspiring home based entrepreneurs like you?

Do what you love. Love what you do. Never give up. Dreams do come true!

Any message to your customers and the people who support you?
What can you really say to express to those who support you all that it means to get to live out your dreams because of them? I’m thrilled when they send me photos of thiers homes with my work on the walls. I always pray that a little bit of the “Throw your stone” spirit goes with each decal and that each person who buys my art is blessed in some way. Our customers have been absolutely amazing to us and we simply wouldn’t be here without them!

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