Shop Feature: The White Ribbon

I am a huge fan of flat shoes.  You can find me wearing flats in most days, whether I’m in jeans or wearing a dress.  I just love pretty flats so when I come across this shop, I knew I have to check them out.  Reading about the brand all the more made me want to put them on the spotlight.

The White Ribbon is a sustainable brand that makes use of upcycled leather to create fashionable, handmade shoes and handbags. Upcycled leather is combined with recycled fabrics reclaimed from used clothing that have become unsuitable for wear. Apart from pretty ballerina pairs, they also create handbags from recyclable materials.

The White Ribbon white ballet flats

Founders Dori and Michele are presently based in Berlin, Germany. The duo strongly believes in making high-quality productions in small batches to keep alive sustainable businesses.  In 2012, the duo hired two highly-skilled craftsmen to help out with production. The company also participates in fair trade in different regions across the globe. The brand is in partnership with a small workshop in Marrakech – a city in Morocco, which helps provide a stable job with a fair salary for both men and women.

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Do you wear flats and what do you like to pair them with?

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