Shop Spotlight: Otis James

There’s something happy about these bow ties by Otis James.  The story of how it all began is pretty awesome.

Otis had never made a tie in his life when a co-worker asked him to make neckties so she can gift them to her father and brother.  After receiving more commissions to make custom neckties for weddings, Otis launched his eponymous brand in 2010. The line includes neckties, bow ties, ascots, lady ties, pocket squares, scarves, and caps.

Everything is handmade from his studio in Marathon Village, Nashville, Tennessee. Even the labels are carefully written by hand. If I lived anywhere near, I would love to drop by and watch how each one is made, take snapshots, buy some goodies, and gift them to all the dear gentlemen and ladies in my life.

Otis James neckties

Otis James caps

Otis James maker

Otis James sewing machine

Otis James sewing machine

Otis James handmade

Connect with Otis James on Facebook or Twitter; or visit the website. Take a virtual peek at his studio and see him create through this video. It takes only two minutes and the song is cool. I love that he handprints the labels. Seriously, it made my day.

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