Small Business Big Impact – How 5 Local Brands Choose To Be More Eco

It is so refreshing and exciting to see local brands playing a proactive role, not only with spreading awareness on the zero waste movement but also in setting a good example on reducing waste, and not creating more unnecessary waste, especially plastic.  On this post, we highlight five home grown small businesses who are making a big impact through their packaging choices.


Ritual is a small general store and cacao & coffee joint that focuses on locally-sourced, eco-friendly, and organic products not wrapped in plastic. You can purchase a range of food & drinks, pantry essentials, bath & body products, and natural cleaning agents for the home – buy only the quantities you need and put them in reusable and refillable jars or bag.

Ritual store is located in the 2nd floor of Languages International Bldg. at 926 Arnaiz Avenue, Makati city. You can also shop online and request for local courier shipping, or order and pay online and just pick up your goodies from their store. Or catch them at weekend open markets at the Legazpi Sunday Market and Good Food Sunday market at Mandala Park in Shaw Blvd.

Ritual wholefoods store

Ritual PH general store refillable bottles

Ritual general store


CommonRoomPh is a concept store that showcases crafts by local makers and artists. In an effort to save resources, they recently launched a paper bag drive which encourages people to donate their old paper bags- regardless of kind and brand – for Common Room to reuse at all their locations. And the response has been wonderful as many are more than happy to bring in their used paper bags for a good cause.

So if you have a stash of old paper/cardboard bags, please feel free to drop them off any of CommonRoom’s branches at the ATC, Katipunan and their newest location opened last May 12 at the Powerplant Mall in Makati.

What a brilliant iniative which I think could and should easily be adapted by lots of shops in other cities and towns! Well, at least it is worth the try to launch a similar drive and see how people would respond. I am pretty sure many would be eager to support.

Common Room PH store

Common Room PH used paper bag drive

Common Room PH paper bag drive sign


I came across ZeroBasicsPH on Instagram and was immediately drawn to the brand as all of their products come in refillable containers.  They offer refills at a discount to encourage more customers to bring back their bottles and get them filled up instead of purchasing new bottles. I wish more skin care and beauty brands would offer the same option. Imagine how many single use disposable plastic bottles can be kept out of the landfill, and won’t even need to be created at all!

Also, just discovered that Jana, Zero Basics’ founder is a PETA Asia campaigner, and advocates kindness and compassion for animals.  Being a vegan label, their products are made only from plant-based ingredients and cruelty-free, and that instantly makes them No. 1 in my book.

Frankly, I have never tried purchasing any of their products before, but from what I read on their social media, everything sounds amazing and they’ve been getting really good reviews from their customers. I can’t wait to order for myself and try their shampoo bar, soap,  face serum and toner.

On top of all these, they are accepting donations of used paper bags and eco bags (in all sizes) and you can bring them to their booth during Good Food Sundays at the Mandala Park, from 10am to 5pm.

If you’re wondering where you can buy their products, you can contact ZeroBasicsPH or order through their partners The Vegan Grocer, Greenery Kitchen, and Marketa.

Zero Basics PH booth

Zero Basics PH refillable containers

Zero Basics PH shampoo bars


Kajuayan is a social enterprise that supports Filipino farmers. Their 100% coconut water is freshly picked, bottled, and delivered on the same day – without sugar, any preservatives or additives.  They deliver within Metro Manila, and apart from coconut water, you can also order Yacon, organic bamboo eggs, and other organic produce sourced direct from the farmers.

Plus, the clear glass bottles can be returned and you get P5 for each bottle. I have yet to get my hands on one, but I hope the brand name has been printed directly on the bottle, and not a plastic label. Isn’t that so cool? Genuine, all-natural drink that does not come in plastic bottles.

Kajuayan coconut water and yacon

Kajuayan supporting local farmers

Kajuayan farm to table coconut water



Paraluman shop is focused on zero-waste living – from washable sanitary pads, reusable straws, bamboo toothbrushes, food containers, to natural body care essentials like feminine bars, shampoo bars, and oils.

I recently purchased some goodies from them via Shopee. I do appreciate the fact that they keep their packaging as minimal as possible and only use recycled cardboard and bubblewraps to secure the products they send out. They also accept donations for used packaging materials but check with them first as to where to drop them off. Their products are also available at Jess & Pat’s cafe, in Maginhawa St., Diliman Quezon City, but I am not sure if you could also bring your old bags and cardboards there.

ParalumanPH reusable straws

ParalumanPH shampoo bars

ParalumanPH recycled packaging

Don’t you just feel encouraged to support these local companies knowing that they are making a real effort to lighten their environmental footprint?  Of course, there are many other businesses striving to contribute something of value to their community and the environment, and I can’t wait to be featuring each of them on Beautiful Handmade.

Now, encouraging other people, particularly customers to get involved is definitely the way to go. It is clear to see that many Filipino consumers do care about the environment and are willing to do what they can -even  spend their hard-earned money on home grown brands they believe in, refuse plastic packaging, keep their used paper bags clean and save them for reuse, and not mind that bit of inconvenience of bringing along their refillable containers and pile of paper bags to the store. Would you too?

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