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handmade soy candle by SaanSaan

Saan Saan Candles – Light Fueled by Wander

It must be wonderful to be able to start up a business that connects with the things you love. I am not an entrepreneur but I think it is safe to say that one common denominator amongst small businesses focused on craftsmanship and environmental sustainability is passion. After all, starting a business in itself is …

Craftsmith Living concept store

Craftsmith Living – Simple, Honest, Down-to-Earth Design

Craftsmith Living is a local concept store in Salcedo Village, Makati, featuring a collection of homewares and artisanal objects that celebrate craftsmanship and slow living. Founded by Mia De Lara & Kitty Bunag, the store is also a venue for workshops or collaborations with other creatives and organizations that share their vision. “We’d like to think of …

sili ceramics cup

Shop Feature: ceramics

Our Shop Spotlight this week presents another creative duo, Simona Janišová & Linda Viková of ceramics. Both graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Slovakia. They now share a passion for creating handcrafted ceramic homewares. ceramics is a fusion of two different approaches and styles. Each piece in their shop is handmade from …