• GANT Lights

    Shop Feature: GANTlights

    Today, I would like to introduce you to Stefan Gant, founder and designer of  GANTlights, an independent brand of finely handcrafted lighting. Gant earned his Master’s degree in Architecture in Berlin, where he founded his product design label in 2012. His elegant, minimalist, architectural inspired lighting fixtures adorn many restaurants, cafés and business establishments in Germany, and beyond.   What’s the story behind the shop name? The story behind my label name is quite simple, My last name is Gant. At the beginning my label was called “Gant lights and more”, now it is “Gantlights”, but I would have preferred “Gant” most, but the clothing company was faster…. What do you love most about…


    Shop Feature: Bird Wing Productions

    I’m happy to start the week with a new featured shop. Bird Wing Productions is owned by Haidee Soule Merritt. She personally creates recycled lamps, chandelier and customizable shades from Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The story behind the shop name is so cute:) Let’s get to know more about Bird Wing Productions. What’s the inspiration behind your shop’s name? I have a publishing business called Bird Wing Press so the addition of “Productions” was just natural. Here’s the story behind Bird Wing: When my dog Henry was a puppy my husband tried to train him to retrieve ducks; apparently this is done by saving the wings off previously caught ducks that my…