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pinatex vegan leather bag

Piñatex – from Pineapples to Leather (the Good Kind)

By now, you have probably already heard of Piñatex- a sustainably-produced fashion material made from piña (Spanish for pineapple) leaves, and interestingly began its journey in the Philippines. The Piñatex Story Some time in the ’90s, Dr. Carmen Hijosa worked as a specialist in the design and manufacture of leather goods. Visiting a tannery in the …


Shop Feature: Philomena Kloss

Nadya and Tanya are the creators of the adorable Philomena Kloss bears. Their stuffed bears are not your usual furry teddies. They are standing, they wear human clothes, and each one has his and her own personality. These bears become friends with kids and grown-ups alike. Nadya and Tanya make their stuff bears and other animal friends …


Shop Feature: ZIB* Textile

ZIB* is a colorful fashion brand from Riga, Latvia that creates originally designed casual clothing and accessories for women and kids. It was founded in 2012 by Inga Priedite and Irena Andrejeva, who were then students at the Art Academy of Latvia. Each ZIB* garment is handmade from their workshop and goes through the entire process – from …