Vintage Clothes – 8 Chic Reasons to Buy and Wear Them

I confess! I like shopping for vintage clothing and I love wearing them. I can spend hours, patiently rummaging through racks and piles of old clothes, in search for great finds. And when I find great items at a cheap price, I’m in a frenzy. Do you love wearing vintage too? Well, there are many good reasons why you should buy and wear vintage or preloved clothes.

Vintage clothing. . .


1. Never goes out of style.

Classic styles never fade away despite the coming and going of trends. Also, trends tend to repeat over the years so a certain style never completely disappears. Have you seen what’s on the shops today? Yes, vintage-inspired dresses and tops are still very much adored. But of course, a genuine piece is best!

2. Are of high-quality.

If you’re on a budget and in need of affordable clothes, chances are you’ll find that the cheap ones are made out of poor quality materials. This is because cheap garments are mass produced at factories where quality is not of utmost importance. Add the fact that workers are often underpaid and forced to work in unsafe environments – all the more reason why we should stop supporting fast fashion. On the contrary, you can find genuine vintage clothing that have lasted time, and yet still looks fabulous.

3. Is one of a kind.

Garments made in the past decades were manufactured in limited quantities. Walk in a department store today and you’ll see racks of clothing in the same style and color. What’s great about shopping vintage is that you can be sure your outfit will be unique, and that you will be the only one wearing it on that day.

4. Is for keeps.

Genuine vintage pieces are investments because you can never bring back time, you can only remember the memories from that era.  Watch this video where fashion models like Ruby Aldridge, Dorothea Barth Jorgenen, Samantha Gradoville, and Iekeliene Stange, and Chantal Stafford-Abbott talk about why they love vintage clothing and show off unique vintage items they’ve bought.

5. Is Budget Wise.

You can find beautiful, authentic vintage apparel at prices that are affordable and reasonable. Visit a local thrift shop and you can usually buy items at a fraction of the cost of brand new. Yes, shopping for vintage clothes is a practical way to save money so long as you buy only what you know you would wear and make sure that vintage fits you.

6. Is environmentally friendly.

Each time you buy vintage, you are saving that one piece from ending up in the landfill.

7. Shopping vintage is a thrilling experience.

When you walk into a vintage shop, you will never know what you’ll find – a dress with a quirky print, a top with this inimitable embellishment,  a designer coat at a bargain, an endearing accessory for a penny – you just never know what would catch your eye and what you’ll end up taking home with. The unpredictability of it all makes vintage shopping a lot more fun.

8. Is chic.

Just because a dress is from an old era or is secondhand doesn’t necessarily mean it’s old-fashioned. A vintage piece of clothing can exude a modern vibe! It all depends on how you style and wear it.

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